Who We Are


We’re here to be your internet happy place through purposeful apparel, feel-good content, and an empowering digital community. We want to change the narrative around unrealistic societal standards, and celebrate the unfiltered human experience that connects us all. In our world- vulnerability is universal, empathy is critical, and authenticity is your superpower. At Mayfair, we’re not just building a brand, we’re building a legacy.

This mindset has been in our DNA since day one. Our CEO, Sam Abrahart, launched The Mayfair Group in 2017.

After years of struggling with her mental health, she sought to create a more meaningful life through uplifting content and a digital safe space. We’re now focused on building out Mayfair as a global lifestyle brand. We believe apparel can be used as a catalyst for conversation and change. Our hope is through purposeful messaging and products, we can help people feel seen, heard, and understood for who they are.

At Mayfair, we want to be the brand for everyone as we believe there is no age limit to the power of positivity. Our mission is to not just to make you look good, but help you FEEL good too. Join the brand that’s building a legacy.

Everyone’s welcome in our world.