100% of proceeds

 from the Mayfair x Creative Label BLM campaign will go directly to support contributing artists as well as the following organizations: Color Of Change Education Fund and National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.

Adwoa Botchey

"I connect to the phrase Black lives matter through my experiences, Black people can easily be overshadowed and drowned out and this has made me understand the importance of representation. Black lives matter is empowering, it means we are no longer putting up with the injustices that we face on a daily basis - racism is not okay, discrimination is not okay and we’re here to stand up for it. I would like my artwork to educate a wider community that while being Black can be painful it is also very beautiful."

Kandice Chavous

 "To me, Black lives matter is a love letter that was written from us, to us,  for us. In a world that lets us know that many times we are not validated, important, or even seen - WE see ourselves, WE hear ourselves, and WE know ourselves. That mantra is something we carry with us and that even though other people might not see our value it does not negate the fact that we are valuable and we do matter. You can support me by reposting and sharing my work."

Malaya Lalog

"To me, Black Lives Matter is a way to show the world that we should be valued and seen.That throughout history and in the present times we have been mistreated, and we want it to change, because we are so much more than the colour of our skin. I love creating people of colour beyond just their skin tones to show the world that colour is beautiful, I want my art to show that whether the person is brown, black, purple, or green - the colour of someone’s skin isn’t what defines them."

Leonardo Florimon

I connect to Black lives matter because I am a victim of racial injustice myself, when I hear the phrase I think about a team - powerful, beautiful, monumental. What I want people to take away from my art is to always know it’s always made with love and positivity, it takes time and patience. You can support me by being genuine, love my art for what it is, give me feedback, and constructive criticism.

Lo Harris

To me the statement that Black lives matter is an indisputable fact, it’s a call to action saying that we as a global community can’t really continue to sit back and watch the value of Black lives and stories to be misappraised by the justice system, by the media, and by society as a whole. In general, my work is an expression of joy, it's an expression of color, of hopefulness and it’s a reflection of the world that I want to live in. It’s my hope that by creating I can continue to contribute some sort of inspiration for how we can create a more kind and just world. The best way to support me and to support artists who are like me is to hire Black artists, engage with Black artists, and compensate us fairly. We see so often across industries that BIPOC creators are short-changed for their work or are given a lower glass ceiling in their professional careers - let’s do better.