Word on the Street

Our PR & Events team planned and executed the largest, most successful event to date for Motel Rocks from start to finish. The purpose of the event was to launch their brand into the US marketplace. This 8 hour Gifting Suite garnered over 34 million exposures and had nearly 100 top tier influencers in attendance. In addition to branded exposure, Mayfair provided all creative content partnering with renown photographer, Amber Asaly.

Our sales team manages all wholesale business and retail collaborations for Wildflower Cases. Within the past 2 years, the Mayfair sales team has landed over 400 specialty accounts as well as all targeted majors including Urban Outfitters, Nordstorm, Dolls Kill, Free People, Tilly's, PacSun, LF Stores, and more. In addition, our team has planned and executed successful collaborations that can be found in all doors across Urban Outfitters.

Our graphic design team provided a full rebrand for Treasures of NYC that included, full scope website remodel, logo design, color palette, brand voice, and overall marketing guidance to assist in a successful relaunch.

Our social media and graphic design teams represents Saltwater Luxe through grid management, content creation, website asset design, and campaign shoots. In only 6 short month, our social team has grown their following nearly 35% with the help of our innovative graphic design team.